Black Boxes

These boxes explored the space of a single individual as well as the connotations of “black” and “box”. The boxes were placed in a variety of contexts, generating significantly different readings. The first box was designed as an installation in a wooded setting on Wheeler Farm in Providence, RI and the second box was commissioned for an exhibition at a gallery in Kansas. In the first box, a chair was situated in a 4’ x 4’ x 6’ volume enclosed by tinted glass panes on three sides and the top. This box was developed as a quiet and personal space for observation and meditation in the natural setting. Transported to an indoor environment, questions of surveillance were raised because the tint is rendered opaque and it is impossible to know if someone is inside. The second box develops this notion as it is designed to accommodate a single person standing, looking out a 2’ x 2’ tinted window. Both boxes challenge our cultural obsession with packaging and boxes as they contain a single individual.