As a designer, I draw upon my early experiences in building and fabrication; my training in architecture, at an art school where my repertoire expanded into glassblowing, printmaking, and ceramics; my interest in inhabitation, fortified through PhD studies in Environmental Psychology; and my love for speculative creations, from film sets to utopian dreams. My work ranges from installation pieces built at full scale to drawings that imagine unbuildable worlds. I regularly cross from these artistic projects to commercial architecture and interior jobs for clients—and I find these two modes are mutually beneficial. I am skilled in spatial organization, which helps me solve problems and understand connections that are not always evident.

2050 Cherry Street

A design-build renovation of an 1872 Philadelphia rowhouse.

Black Boxes

Placed in a variety of contexts, these boxes explored conditions of interior, landscape, and view.

House for an Alzheimer’s Patient

A design-build project to accommodate an Alzheimer’s patient and her caregiver.

Philadelphia Rowhouse Renovations

Projects for residential clients in Philadelphia.

NYC Renovation and Restoration Work

Projects completed with Ivan Brice Architecture.

Landscape Drawings and Prints

Drawings to understand and articulate the landscape, hinting at ways of imagining and making new spaces.

1 Hawks Nest

Renovated kitchen and deck for a Rehoboth beach house.

SALT Installation

Installation in the RISD Architecture building.