As a scholar, my research and writing grows out of my personal experiences in the world. Moving from suburban Detroit to rural Kansas sparked my curiosity about relations between people and place, and continues to shape my interest in landscape and spatial experience. Professional work taught me to examine and question the myriad processes of architectural production, and specific discourses and practices such as design competitions or sustainability. I have learned to look closely at built spaces—from homes to public spaces—and how they support or deny human experiences. These interests and pursuits, when framed by questions of social justice, have congealed in a focus on alternative design practices as a way of re-working social and spatial conventions.

The People, Place, and Space Reader

Lead co-editor of an edited volume published by Routledge.

Design and Social Responsibility

Research looking at design projects characterized by attitudes that value justice, equality, participation, and sustainability.

Architecture and the Vicissitudes of Capitalism

Paper reviewing and critiquing the relationship between architecture and capitalism.

Framing the Sacred

A study of sacred spaces and experiences.

Layers of Public Space
Case Study of New York Public Library

A study of the public space around and withing the New York Public Library.