As a teacher, I often begin with the question of “What is good design?” This is a productive beginning for a number of reasons. It introduces learning as a process of asking questions and positing answers, instead of blindly accepting and reciting information (Plato). It establishes my ignorance, and initiates a collaborative process of learning from each other (Ranciere). It opens an ongoing dialogue that brings us closer and closer to knowledge in the fashion of pragmatism (Dewey). The qualitative designation “good” brings up issues of ethics and practice, and raises questions of power and context (Freire). Taken as a whole, I believe my role as an educator is to bring students closer to self-actualization while working to make the world more habitable.

Place Analysis

Students select, observe, and analyze the activity of people in places.

Soward Teardown

Collaborative project to dismantle and salvage a stick-framed house.

Interior Design Summer Intensive

Introductory studio and seminar course for interior design.

Environmental Theory Course

A course looking at the relationships between people and place.


The Philadelphia Intensive (PHLINT) is a hands-on and collaborative design workshop that cultivates responsible approaches to understanding and creating the places we inhabit.

Accreditation Exhibition for Pratt Institute Interior Design Program

Exhibition of student work in conjunction with CIDA accreditation of Interior Design program.